181 Birch Hill Estates, Bangor, ME

Community Rules

Effective January 1, 2016.

We sincerely hope your stay will be both pleasant and enjoyable. In order to maintain Birch Hill Estates as an outstanding park, the following Community Rules are made part of your residency and lease agreement.


APPLICATION: all new homeowner(s) and perspective homeowner(s) must complete a tenant application and satisfy selection criteria, which includes a credit check, brief interview, verification of employment, and a reference check from prior landlords.

TENANT AGREEMENT: If a tenant application is approved, the new homeowner(s) will be provided with a copy of the rules and regulations, and are required to sign both tenant agreement and park rules, copies of which will be kept with Birch Hill Estates, LLC, and can be made available during normal business hours.


ENTRANCE FEE: Prior to applicant(s) taking residency into the park a non refundable entrance fee must be paid. The amount of the entrance fee will be two times the monthly rent.

RENT PAYMENTS: All rent is due and payable at the first of each month. Homeowners may pay rent in person or by mail at the office of Birch Hill Estates, LLC, 181 Birch Hill Estates, Bangor Maine 04401. All rent checks should be made payable to “Birch Hill Estates”Failure to pay rent on time will result in a late fee of $20 for each late rental payment, and/or eviction from the park. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact the park management immediately.

RETURNED CHECKS: Checks returned for insufficient funds or otherwise will result in a $25.00 service charge to the homeowner. If any homeowner returns two (2) or more checks for any reason the management reserves the right to require future rent payments be made in the form of cash, money order, cashier’s check, or a bank check.

ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS: Additional payment(s), such as fees due pursuant to these Rules and Regulations, or damage(s) caused by the homeowner, household members, guest invites, are due and payable with the homeowner’s rent payments.


NOTICE TO SELL OR MOVE HOME: All homeowners must give the Park Management fourteen (14) days prior written notice before selling or moving any mobile home located in the park. Subleasing or renting homes in the park is expressly prohibited.

SALE OF HOME – HOME REMAINING IN THE PARK: A homeowner may sell his/her home and have the home remain in the park only if all of the following conditions are strictly followed and fulfilled:

  1. Notice of Sale: All homeowners must provide Park Management with a written statement of their intent to sell their home. The notice of intent to sell must be delivered to the Park Management at least fourteen (14) days prior to the proposed sale.
  2. Inspection: all potential sales of homes in the park are subject to a home and lot inspection by the Park Management. Management will promptly within seven (7) days of receiving homeowners written notice of intent to sell, notify the homeowner whether or not the home is in conformance with the standards and conditions set forth in section IV of these Rules and Regulations.
  3. Mandatory Repairs and Improvements: In the event that a home fails to meet the aforesaid standards and conditions, the homeowner will be required to make repairs and improvements in order to bring the home into compliance. This will be required as a precondition to allowing the mobile home to remain in the park.
  4. Approval of Prospective Homeowners: The Homeowner must ensure that the prospective purchaser submits a Tenant Application in accordance with section I of these rules and Regulations. The Park Management, prior to the transfer of the mobile home, must approve all such purchases. Homeowner will inform the purchaser that the purchaser is responsible for the payment of a park entrance fee prior to occupying the home. Homeowner must also advise the purchaser to appear personally at the office of Birch Hill Estates, LLC, 181 Birch Hill Estates Bangor, Maine for the purpose of obtaining tenant applications, and park rules ect.

SALE OF HOME-REMOVAL OF HOME FROM PARK: A mobile home may be removed from the park only if the following conditions are strictly followed and fulfilled.

  1. NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE: The homeowner shall provide the Park Management with a written notice of his/her intent to vacate a lot, and said notice must be received by the Park Management not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the proposed removal of the home. Homeowner shall be responsible to obtain all federal, State, and Municipal permits necessary for the removal of the home.
  2. Condition of Lot: Once the home has been removed, the homeowner shall restore the lot to its original condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Any debris left on the lot, subsequent to the removal of the home, shall be removed from the lot by the homeowner. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all trees, plants and shrubs located on the lot shall not be removed from the lot by the homeowner regardless of who planted said tree, plant, or shrub.
  3. Time of Home Removal: Mobile homes may be removed from the park only between the hours of 8:00a.m. And 4:00p.m., and only after the requirements of this section III have been fully satisfied.



  1. Household Trash: All household trash must be placed in tied trash bags or waterproof containers before being placed in the park trash dumpsters. The trash dumpsters are located adjacent to the park maintenance building.
  2. Non-household Trash: Except as provided below, all non-household trash must be removed from the park by homeowner, homeowner’s agent or contractor, at home owners sole expense. “Non-household trash” includes but is not limited to: furniture, tires, appliances, white goods, automotive parts, metal, skirting, debris, lumber, mattresses, brush, firewood, hazardous chemicals, etc.
  3. Management Responsibility: Management, at its expense, will remove all non-household trash generated by repair or construction work performed by Management, its agents and contractors. The management will also remove non-household trash from the park at a homeowner’s request and expense.
  4. Trash Storage: Storage of trash and debris outside of homes and utility buildings is prohibited.

SNOW REMOVAL: Park streets are plowed and maintained by the Park Management. Driveways and walks are the responsibility of the homeowner. Homeowners are responsible for any damage(s) to their lot caused by snow plowing by homeowner, homeowner’s agents or contractors.

LOT CARE: Homeowners are responsible for the care and neatness of their lot. Grounds must be kept clean and neat at all times. No discarded materials, unnecessary items, building materials, trash, junk, or other items that create a cluttered appearance may be stored or abandoned outside of homes. Homeowners must at all times maintain their lot in an attractive manner and in good repair at their own expense. Homeowners shall not make additions or improvements on the lot without first obtaining Management’s written consent. Any such approved additions or improvements shall be made solely at the expense of the homeowner. Toys, bicycles, tools, lawn mowers, equipment, ect… are to be stored inside the home or utility building when not in use. All homes in the park must be skirted within 30 days of delivery. All skirting must be constructed with materials approved by the Park Management. Homeowner is responsible for obtaining all municipal building permits.

LAWN CARE: It is the responsibility of the tenant to keep his/her lawn neat in appearance.

MOWING AND TRIMMING: Lawns must be kept neat and well groomed at all times, including raking when necessary. Lawns must be mowed and trimmed around all buildings, landscaping, or other obstructions as often as necessary to maintain a neat appearance. Management will issue one warning when it judges a lawn has been neglected. If the lawn is not mowed in a reasonable amount of time, park maintenance will mow the lawn, assessing the tenant a fee upwards of $45.00.

DAMAGE TO LAWNS: Damage done to lawns by children, pets, motor vehicles, or snow plowing, shall be filled and re-seeded by the tenant.

CLOTHESLINES: Clotheslines may be installed at the rear of the lot, and only with the prior approval of the Park Management. Pre-approval is necessary to avoid damage to underground utilities. All clotheslines in the park must be rotary or umbrella type, with a solid base in the ground.

FIREWOOD: A homeowner with a woodstove may store firewood inside the utility building, out of sight from the street. Storing firewood outside anywhere in the park is prohibited.

INSPECTION OF LOTS: Park management reserves the right to inspect the lot and exterior of any home in the park at all reasonable times.

HOME MAINTENANCE: Homeowners shall be responsible, at their own expense to maintain their homes in a sound and attractive condition. All skirting, skirting trim boards, decks, steps, utility buildings, homes and other improvements must be kept clean and painted. Homeowners shall immediately repair and replace all rotted materials. Peeling paint, water damage, mildew stains, etc… must be repaired and maintained. The Park Management provides construction, and maintenance services. If desired, homeowners may contact the management office for service information and prices.


UTILITY MAINTENANCE: All water and sewer, telephone, electric, and cable television lines in the park are located underground. Residents are prohibited from digging anywhere in the park without prior written consent of the Park Management. Unauthorized digging may result in damage to utility lines or injury to persons. Homeowners are prohibited from tampering with utility connections. Assistance with these matters can be arranged by contacting park management.

WINTERIZATION: Homeowners are responsible for all above ground water and sewer lines, and connections. Water lines should be heat taped and insulated. Sewer lines must have the proper pitch, and all connections must be tight. Assistance with these matters can be arranged by contacting the Park Management.

BLOWING OUT WATER LINES: For those of you who are away for extended periods of time and choose to have your water lines blown out and home winterized, notification to the park must be made at least one day prior to the work so that ground water can be properly insulated. In the absence of notification and resulting damage the homeowner will be billed and held responsible.

PAYMENT OF UTILITIES: Management shall pay all water and sewer charges. Homeowners shall pay all other utility charges and assessments for utilities serving their home.

TAXES: Management shall pay all municipal real estate taxes assessed against the mobile home park lot. Homeowners shall pay all other municipal, state, or federal personal property taxes, excise taxes, or other taxes and assessments assessed against their mobile home.


No pets are allowed in the park without prior written consent of park management. All residents owning or keeping pets shall register their pets with park management, at the maintenance office on or before the effective date of these Rules and Regulations. All residents owning or keeping pets will be charged a monthly fee of $ 5.00 per pet per month. This is in addition to your monthly rent. All animal waste must be removed immediately after it is deposited anywhere in the park. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED TO RUN FREE IN THE PARK. Roaming pets will be captured and transported to a local animal shelter.


SPEED: The park speed limit is 20 miles per hour. This limit is strictly enforced. Violation of park speed limits creates a serious risk of injury to others and will result in eviction. Management reserves the right to make a reasonable determination of a vehicle’s operating speeds.

PARKING: No parking is permitted on park streets or lawns, 4 vehicle limit per driveway. Snowmobiles, boats, camper trailers, motor cycles, etc… may be parked in driveways when in season, provided that such equipment does not exceed 16 feet in length. Homeowners with out of season vehicles must store these vehicles outside of the park. Tenants using the designated enclosed storage area (adjacent to the maintenance building) must notify management in writing of information pertaining to the status of the vehicle being stored.

REGISTRATION AND INSPECTION: No un-registered or un-inspected motor vehicles may be parked in the park. Management reserves the right to require the removal of unsightly motor vehicles from the park.


Placement of any oil or gas tank must be approved by the park. In most instances gas tanks are to be placed in the rear of the home and oil tanks placement is specific to each lot. It is a requirement that all oil tanks be covered so as to hide their unsightly appearance.


All residents are required to be considerate of their neighbors. Noise levels from parties, televisions, stereos, radios, and vehicles, must at all times, be at reasonable levels and not disturbing to other residents. Residents are responsible for their guests. Residents, their family and guests are prohibited from interfering with the free flow of traffic on the park streets. Children are prohibited from playing in the park streets. Loud and obscene language is prohibited in the park common areas.


All persons 16 years of age and older must read and agree to the above park rules, and sign an acknowledgement of them. Signatures are on file at the management office.